Jamie Oliver

A Gift I wish I could give.

AUG 20 @ 03:30

by dmfootycoach

Thanks go out so very muchly to madamada. I wish I could send you these for all your time and effort. It is so very muchly appreciated. And to all the kind people who posted and wish they could try madamada's post. Sorry for the mucky hands I went straight to the field straight from work. The picture is courtesy of my eldest daughter who helped pick until light ran out. Love her so much! We haven't made a dent yet!

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AUG 20 @ 11:10

by libra

What are they?

AUG 20 @ 15:45

by madamada

you are great dmfbig_smilebig_smilebig_smile thanks to your daughter aswellthumbsupthumbsupthumbsupwavewavewave

AUG 20 @ 17:11

by SonomaEddie

Those are beautiful hops, DM.  How much do you use in making beer?

AUG 21 @ 03:50

by dmfootycoach

These are Hallertauer hops, Libra. One of the most ancient and delicate varieties. They were almost wiped out by the Cathollic church who viewed them as a weed that made people mad! Can't remember the year. Sorry! But thanks for asking!!!thumbsup
It all depends upon the style of beer and hop you're using. Each variety has a bitterness factor (Alpha Acid Units) and flavour. For a hoppy true Czech style pilsner it would be about 2 - 3 ounces of Saaz during the boil and then an ounce for the floral bouquet  in the secondary fermenter. For 5 Imperial gallons.

AUG 21 @ 09:28

by madamada

you make us dream about the flavor and taste of your beer nowrollbig_smilewavewave

p.s. my husband and son have started this spring doing homemade beer with a ready bought kit and all the stuff needed, it has been made twice already and goes fantastic well with my pizzas

AUG 23 @ 05:18

by Ashen

dmfooty.. if you ever make it to Wellington brewery in Guelph they have hops growing up the brickwall and on an arbour outside the entrance to the Store entrance. cool Very cool.

AUG 23 @ 06:07

by dmfootycoach

I'll have to check that out Ashen as I always make an annual  pilgramage to Great Grans Place our original farm which is not far away. And Wellington Brewey makes some awfully great products!!!! Go there now my friend and pick some and rub them in your hand smell them and then go try their brews! The ability to pick out their smells and flavours will be so much more heightened!

AUG 23 @ 06:25

by Luvmegrub

I knew if I was patient I would find out what was in your photo thumbsup

AUG 23 @ 21:15

by madamada

A friend of mine has promised she will give me a plant of hop sooner or later, for the moment she made a wonderful perfect botanic paint of it for me, till then I must be content with that and always looking attentively along the little streets leading to my village if I see one with flowersrollbig_smile

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