Forum Members Meet from afar (again !)

AUG 21 @ 17:09

by Dougs

Thats right, myself & Ann met up in England again, with the addition of Susanne this time. We went to Jamie's Italian in Bath this time & had a lovely lunch.

It was so great that Ann flew from America (with hubby Bob) and Susanne flew from Germany.  A good plan that came together perfectlysmile

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AUG 22 @ 08:32

by Kiwi Kris

Hi Dougs  & thanks, for sharing your lovely gorgeous photo, of you lovely Ladies!! cool
Yourself; Doug & Ann & Susanne - just look soooooo happy together & I'm glad, you all enjoyed a nice yummy lunch together, too!! big_smile .....just AWESOME, Jamie's/Nora's Gals!!!!!!!thumbsup

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