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AUG 22 @ 12:07

by greyhound

This thing is new tio me and not sure how to do it. Firstly i'd like to introduce myself. My name is Jim or maybe you seen me as greyhound on forums.
I'm mot a mad cook by anymeans but its something i consider myself better with than normal things like playing football or sociallizing.
i grew up with a split family and kinda drifted between living with mum or dad. Unfortunately mum would boil cabbage until it was grey and even tho dad was a good cook, it was always something the same. My marriage was pretty similar, 11 yrs of spagetti bolognaise from a jar, once a week. When i was about 12 i learnt to cook steak, usually very raw as i would probably be starving at the time and had the patience of a pshycopath on the run. Also dad worked shift work so wasnt always there at dinner time. My stepfathers favorite meal was boiled mince ( no herbs or spices) and boiled potatoes ( hate hate hate vomit) so wasnt a treat to look forward to birthday meals.
i think my first discovery of a good cook show was Hueys adventures, Iain Hewittson, who was the face of Bilo Supermarkets, used to spin yarns while he cooked and made everything look simple. About 11 yrs ago, my mum tried to get me to watch some freak called the naked chef. The name alone gave me the creeps because i thought some tosser would be prancing around a kitchen with no clobber on. JO showed me a new passion for cooking. i admit i bastardized a few of his recipes but everything came out tasting ok.
It would be 9 yrs ago now when my mum tried to comit suicide and told me and my brothers not to do anything that didnt make us happy. She was meaning relationships and about 2 days later i left my wife at the time after near 14 yrs together. I guess at that time, we had grown up but apart from each other as the most exciting thing we would do was argue or ignore each other.
i decided at that time, that i wanted to try new things and not ask myself "what if". i tried sushi and found i really liked it, salads with fruit in it, and i became quite good at making them, and a really weird obsession with herbs and spices. i quite like a normal boring salad, lettuce tomato and cheese, but dressing the lettuce with a sesame oil. It might sound old hat to you people but at that time was new and wonderful to me.
anyways, i am by no means some super cook and dont pretend to be. I'm sure there are people here who can far surpass me, but like you all i found a passion for food in a really weird way, some cheeky chef witha wicked sense of humour, a kiwi chef, who like me, loves to spin a few yarns, and a mother who nearly died to show me what living really meant.
Thank you JO, huey and all you people here who share your knowledge with me.
regards splinter aka greyhound / jim

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AUG 22 @ 13:00

by madamada

welcome greyhound and now that you have shared with us your adventurous path till today go on sharing your tips, recipes and thoughts

keep bloggingbig_smilewave

AUG 23 @ 06:08

by Luvmegrub

Good to hear a bit more about you Greyhound thumbsup    Wow, no wonder you are trying a few new things with that kind of diet as a kid exclaim shocked

You might like to join in with the Ready, Set, Cook thread that a few of us have going.  Tara looks after the thread and we join in with the monthly theme of ingredients/food styles if we feel like it.  Lots of different outcomes - not just for the accomplished cook.  It's really made me broaden my horizons with recipes and ingredients that I've not had experience with before and I've been cooking for a fair while now. 


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