Jamie Oliver

My prized tomato

AUG 24 @ 03:51

by dmfootycoach

I wished this bad boy could have held on till the past weekend to enter into a local fair. It wouldn't have won but I was so pleased with it weighing in at 1.25 lbs. The winner was a few ounces heavier. But it more than made up for it by helping to make  9 very lovely bacon lettuce and tomato sandwiches. Don't ask how many of those I ate..... I can't help it!  it's a weakness!!! big_smile

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AUG 24 @ 07:48

by marcedvr

this tomatoes looks so yummy!wave

AUG 24 @ 08:58

by madamada


AUG 24 @ 09:09

by Boberika

Wow, great looking tomato big_smile

AUG 26 @ 04:07

by SonomaEddie

I am completely envious!  I have some sorry green stunted tomatoes hanging on the vine waiting for some inspiration.  Good on you, DM.  It looks delish!

AUG 26 @ 04:31

by dmfootycoach

Show them this pic Eddie!

AUG 27 @ 04:40

by SonomaEddie

Maybe I'll just take the notebook out to the garden and...no that's crazy.  The folks next door talk about me enough as it is.

AUG 27 @ 11:09

by Kiwi Kris

Ooooo, that tomato looks like a "1st Prize winner" to me, DM!! wink thumbsup
I'm the only one in our household, that lurvs "soggy whistle" tomato sammies! lol!
Looks like your'e having a brilliant gardening season, this year!! mrgreen

Edit, P.S. ...oh! did you see on telly the HEN over in OZ, that laid an egg which was 4 times shocked the size of an average egg, DM & All??....crikey! that was truly amazing!!...cheerio!

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