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Annual Migration

SEP 02 @ 03:08

by dmfootycoach

Living where we do in Southwestern Ontario we are blessed to be on a migration route for so many species. This years Monarch Butterfly migration is beginning early but I figured I would share this photo taken earlier today. There is nothing more impressive than seeing the sky cloud over with thousand of these creatures. Plant milkweed to help them out!

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SEP 02 @ 06:22

by mr spice

Lovely...I'd love to see this livethumbsup

SEP 02 @ 06:51

by madamada

grazie for sharingbig_smilethumbsupthumbsup

SEP 06 @ 00:39

by SonomaEddie

What a beautiful sight, DM.  I remember all the ones back in Michigan I used to see as well as the milkweed plants that grew by the creeks along side the road.

SEP 07 @ 06:21

by dmfootycoach

Just curious Eddie don't they come through California?

SEP 11 @ 16:24

by SonomaEddie

Yes, they do.  There is a place up here, can't remember where right now, where they congregate.

NOV 27 @ 08:39

by Kiwi Kris

wave Gidday DM! Those monarch butterflies are truly beautiful - thank you for sharing! cool
At work, I save all the spiders - making sure to take them out to the garden, before anything happens to them.
Also, I watched 2 baby birds growing in their nest recently (with the help of their mother!) - then the other week, they had flown from the nest! So, now I miss  saying, "hello babies" to them - oh well, it was lovely while it lasted! smile

JAN 27 @ 07:29

by Kiwi Kris

Hey DM!...just wishing you a "Happy 1st Forum 'birthday'" my friend! thumbsup
Doesn't time fly, when one is having so much FUN cool here at Jamie's forum!
CHEERS (here's a virtual *beer* from me!),
Kris big_smile

SEP 10 @ 16:31

by MsPablo

Lovely!  We see just a few as they pass through on their migration south at the end of summer.

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