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Wood Fired Oven, Patio and Walling

SEP 07 @ 17:30

by greendesigns

We have just finished off a Wood fired Oven, Patio and Seating area for a customer in Tadworth in Surrey. The inner Oven came from the Terracotta Warehouse (www.terracottawarehouse.co.uk) and its called the Toscana .We suggest that the customer chooses and purchases the oven separately as there are various shapes and sizes to suit your requirements. They are a helpful and friendly supplier who will help you make the right choices.   
The Walling has Spotlights at  the bottom and looks great at night. The Sandstone for the wall and oven was supplied by Rock Unique (www.rock-unique.com) who have a great range of stone and will deliver anywhere. Around the walling we planted various herbs which will add colour as well as flavour.
The food cooked in a wood fired oven has an incredible and unique flavour and is certainly not limited to Pizza. Our customer has been using the oven regularly and is planning to cook  a Sunday Roast Lamb. You can easily get the temperature up to 400 degrees on a Saturday evening, cook Pizzas and will still be 150 degrees on Sunday morning. Cook a full English breakfast, then add a few logs for a Roast!
It's fairly easy to build a basic oven that will deliver the same food without major costs. Set the inner oven on an insulated concrete base. Wrap cavity insulation around the oven, fix chicken wire over and render using Hydraulic Lime mortar. It will also need a metal flue liner and a large Chimney Pot over it. Paint it with a breathable paint for a Mediterranean look.

I will post my customer's Pizza Dough recipe soon - Fantastico!
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SEP 07 @ 19:27

by Despina33

wow! that is gorgeous!!!

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