Jamie Oliver

Smashed Pav

SEP 12 @ 04:38

by frizz1974

This was dessert one night last week...

I like to spread my meringue quite thin on the baking tray.. love a crispy pav with just a few chewy bits.. cannot stand soft gooey marshmallow like interiors.. this base broke when i was lifting it off the tray...and so we had "smashed pav" topped with whipped cream & loads of fruit.

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SEP 12 @ 08:26

by oliviascotland

Where's that "drool" icon when you need it?  That looks delicious thumbsup

SEP 12 @ 08:35

by marcedvr

Frizz you make me hungry for a healthy desert... Lovely...wave

SEP 12 @ 09:31

by frizz1974

Not sure how healthy it was.. all that vanilla flavoured whipped cream & meringue...

I have another 6 frozen egg whites...


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