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new addition to family

SEP 19 @ 09:47

by greyhound

ok im a sucker for pets and a real dog lover.
the family went to vic markets today for a gander round the place and see if we could come up with any ideas for OH birthday next weekend. much to my surprise, we came home with a new family member.
we got a cavachon last xmas for our daughter, since being in aus. she has never had a proper pet. he's the big one. a cross between a cavalier spanial and a bishon frieze. when he is sitting and looking at something, he reminds me of the sheepdog on satday morning cartoons, you know the one where the dog beats the crud out of the wolf but they both operate on a time clock.
anyway, i was looking for some scissors with rounded ends, as im paranoid about jabbing him when he needs a trim around the eyes. i found a pet shoppy place in the markets and as i was off finding what i wanted, the OH and yungin, went lookin at the puppies. neither of them said anything until we went for something to eat and the OH proposed the idea of another puppy. in aus, we are allowoed 2 to a yard and seeing as both wouldnt be huge, they live indoors when we are home. OH pointed out, its her birthday, the pup would be a good companion for "ollie" and (rolls eyes) she is cute. how do i argue with the logic of that.
i have to laugh as the shop assistant was trying to do the right thing and asked if it was a family decision or if anyone disagreed at all. she said all this as i was getting the swipe card from my walllet and i was looking at being the only one to object. we pointed out we already had 1 dog thats 10 months old, school holidays have started so someone would be home the next 2 weeks.
we got the dog (**** as  she is female).
we were a bit concerned how the other dog would take to her at first, but our worrries were unfounded as when we got home, she went to his foodbowl and started eating, whilst he sat there till she was finished and then wanted to play.
all in all, i think was a rather good day for us all, as everyone in the family benefits. my only worry now, is at 4am each morning, will i have just the one fluffnut wanting cuddles on the bed, or is it going to be WWF in the bedroom all night when she gets a bit bigger.lol

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SEP 19 @ 13:49

by Cindy

Please get the puppy vet checked asap. Many puppies that come from places like markets are from puppy farms and unfortunately many have terrible health issues down the line.

I do not want to put a dampener on your new baby, it is just an issue I know a lot about unfortunately.

SEP 19 @ 15:48

by nanstertoo

He's a cutie.wave

SEP 19 @ 17:24

by Madalina_B

sooooo cute smilewave

SEP 19 @ 21:22

by Cvita

Congrats on your new member...i have two smile ...but i agree with Cindy, take him for a check up ASAP

Markets are very bad places to buy a dog at.  they are not providing them enough care and uncontrolled breeding unfortunately, leaves the consequences on those animals (a genetic disease, deformation behavior and the like), purchasing a dog at such places gives them support to continue with such breeding ... and it's not fair nor healthy to those small critters nor the potencial owners. sad

I had no intention to sound rude, but unfortunately i know this from personal experience!

SEP 20 @ 12:29

by greyhound

she already had her first vaccination, due for the 2nd treatment at 12 weeks. we have a reliable vet down the road and will give ollie the once over while she checks mitzi as well. the actual shop is more a front for a breeder and i confess i had never heard of a puppy farm before. seems unimaginable to me as i would never do it myself. all in all she seems healthy and will have regular contact with a vet of our choosing. thanks for the concern tho

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