Jamie Oliver

Cooking Challenge, Sept. - Jewish Holiday foods

SEP 19 @ 15:47

by nanstertoo

It took a few days, but here is the pic of my Raisin Challah made in a spiral to remind us of the continuity of life.  It looks better than it tastes...needs some cinnamon or something.  I made french toast with it today and topped it with sauteed apples and cinnamon and it was much better.

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SEP 19 @ 16:44

by madamada

it looks very much like our "gubana"thumbsupwave

SEP 19 @ 17:19

by mexican nellie

wave it's so perfect & looks deliciousthumbsupthumbsup

SEP 19 @ 17:24

by Madalina_B

looks very yummythumbsupwave

SEP 19 @ 18:18

by Allora Andiamo

ooh nans, that looks lovely smile  i made raisin breakfast rolls yesterday....i usually soak the raisins in orange juice with bourbon vanilla and cinnamon added (sometimes i'll use mixed spice instead) ...i would imagine it would taste good in this kind of bread too thumbsup

SEP 21 @ 03:15

by Luvmegrub

That looks great Nanster thumbsup

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