Jamie Oliver

How? Why? And what is the grey stuff?

SEP 21 @ 22:23

by Anna

No one we know went to this school, nor do we have any idea whence the towel.  It just ... materialized.  Maybe one day it will quietly vanish, leaving us for another family in need of a creepy tea towel with mysterious grey stains.  Ahhhh.

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SEP 21 @ 22:38

by MsPablo

Now that's the stuff of nightmares.  Don't you know someone your voodoo hasn't worked on yet  who might find that in their kitchen drawer some day Anna?

SEP 21 @ 22:40

by mr spice

I think you've just made it.lollol

SEP 21 @ 22:42

by mummza

I have one like that ...in Blue !

SEP 21 @ 23:27

by mr spice

Nightmare is right MsP...It has a kind of "Mammee" Amityville Horror aesthetic...I'm sure the figures move occasionallyevilevilevil

SEP 21 @ 23:44

by Anna

Pretty sure I saw one blink once.

MsP, I'm almost tempted to hide it in a sleeve and secrete it away in a friend's kitchen one day, just to see if they ever mention it.

SEP 22 @ 00:34

by The White Rabbit


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