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Makin' Bacon

SEP 22 @ 15:41

by nanstertoo

My pancetta experiment is almost complete.  After curing for 12 days with salt, rosemary, fresh bay leaves, garlic, and cracked pepper, it was trimmed and rolled.  Now it will hang in the refrigerator for 2 weeks, or "until leathery, but still pliable".  This is half of a pork belly.  I made Irish boiling bacon out of the other half, and have another pork belly cryovac packaged in the freezer.  I had to buy a whole case in order to get the pork belly.

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SEP 22 @ 16:28

by SonomaEddie

Looking ****, Nanster.  Be sure and tell us how they taste!  I like to put mine on pizza with sliced mushrooms.

SEP 22 @ 18:55

by Allora Andiamo

that looks fab nans ! thumbsup
the Irish boiling bacon sounds interesting...how do you make that ? smile

SEP 22 @ 19:02

by nanstertoo

The process is the same for the cure, but the spices and such are different, and it is not dried.  It has peppercorns, one bay leaf, a little juniper, and some mustard seeds.  Almost like making corned beef.  I'll post the recipe asap.  I fried up a couple of slices to try the Irish boiling bacon this morning.  It has great flavor, was a little salty for frying, but will be great for boiling.  If I were going to fry it, I would soak a chunk of it (refrigerated) for an hour or so, then dry it before slicing.  Sort of like Southern country ham.

SEP 22 @ 22:20

by Allora Andiamo

ooh thanks ever so much nans ! looking forward to the recipe mrgreen

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