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surf and turf birthday dinner

SEP 25 @ 11:34

by greyhound

My missus turns 41 today andits been quite busy. We spent the morning in the garden pulling weeds and the afternoon at bunnings (hardware chain in aus.) buying a watering system for the garden. We also stopped at the super to pick up extra bits for dinner tonight.
We have a thing in our family about birthday meals. Each birthday, that person gets to dictate what to have for dinner. My OH is very predictable and had surf and turf again this year.
Im not sure the proper way to have it but we like to do our own version. The steak was about 2 inches thinck of rib eye for us both and our daughter just had an inch an half of T'bone. The surf that goes on top is something my missus is very proud of, a few grilled tiger prawns (shrimp for the U.S. folks) some fresh mussels, smoked oysters and chorizo in a white sauce. It has a delicous seafood flavour to it and the seafood just goes down a treat with the front half of a cow. On the side was a nice baked potato with chives, but ends with the same surf sauce to mop the plate.
Just to add to the decadence, cake was added and a slice was managed about 2 hours later, an enchanted forest cake. Chocolate sponge, with a strawberry cream inside and white and dark chocolate spirals on top with glace cherries. This is all beyond my means to cook so that was purchased at the cheesecake shop.
Seems silly to get sucha  big piece of meat as we never finish it in 1 sitting, but through the evening with a glass of red to wash down, it is good to go back for chunks as she plays golf on ps3.
All in all, everyone was happy with dinner, OH is happy with new puppy, watering system, and a new statue of a goanna (lizard) about 3 feet long to go as centrepiece in garden.
i just wanted to share that experience with you all, as im happy her day was pleasurable with the things she likes for a change.
cheers  thumbsup

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SEP 27 @ 04:31

by Luvmegrub

What a lovely birthdaythumbsup  mmmmm meat fest.

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