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My First Pavlova

OCT 11 @ 10:36

by Luvmegrub

I didn't get around to making meringue for the Ready, Set, Cook challange a few months ago but finally got round to it in September.

This is the first pavlova I have ever made and I was quite surprised that it turned out well.  I took it to a BBQ some friends were hosting for German visitors and it happened to be one of the things on their list of "stuff to do/eat in Australia" so I was very pleased that they enjoyed it.

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OCT 11 @ 11:12

by Kye

Beautiful work...don't tell me that its all gonelolwave

OCT 11 @ 12:32

by rhianna899

I am in awe, this is beautiful, bet it tasted heavenly too thumbsup

OCT 11 @ 16:44

by marcedvr

Well done! looks so yummy!thumbsup

OCT 11 @ 21:05

by runneralps

looks very nice friendthumbsupthumbsupthumbsup

OCT 13 @ 05:56

by Luvmegrub

Sorry none left.  There was one slice but people started fighting over it!

It was nice but I'm not a very keen on meringue so not one of my favourites.  I really made it to please the guests, which worked thumbsup

APR 12 @ 10:22

by Grandmadamada


JUN 08 @ 19:34

by petite_joan

Your pavlova looks stunning than mine. And it's white :P Mine turned a bit brown maybe i put more time in the oven then after baking i removed it right away. The end result is not bad it's a bit chewey but tastes good according to my friend. I will try pavlova again smile

MAR 03 @ 16:14

by christian_halfm

This looks really great. Maybe I should put pavlova also on my list to eat.

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