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Birthday Food

OCT 25 @ 00:58

by cengland

I had my birthday the other day.  Wanting something a bit special to eat, I cast about for ideas.  The main came from a recipe kindly shared in the forums by Sergio (Sergio1972), for rabbit with Moscatel and almonds.  Since I couldn't get rabbit, but really wanted to try the flavours in the recipe, I adapted it for duck breasts.  The result of Duck with Liqueur Muscat and Almonds was pretty nice, I think.  We had this amazing Skillogalee Liqueur Muscat (from South Australia) in the wine cabinet, which my fiance's mother had given him ... mmmmm ...

Recipe in Foodwise here:
http://www.jamieoliver.com:81/foodwise/ … hp?id=4103

I served it with mashed pumpkin and wilted spinach.  (We had leftovers for a second night, but no more spinach, so I put steamed broccoli with it that night, hence the broccoli in the photo; but the spinach is better with the rich dish, I think.)

Then I also made Black Forest Cake, which has been one of my favourite cakes since childhood.  Chocolate, cherries, cream and alcohol all in one cake - what's not to like?

Recipe in Foodwise here:
http://www.jamieoliver.com:81/foodwise/ … hp?id=4104

I had Black Forest Cake for brunch, then Black Forest Cake for afternoon tea, then duck for dinner.  It was a good birthday, all things considered.

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OCT 25 @ 10:37

by Kye

Happy Birthday for the 'other day'. Was it the 23rd like mine?

I never really liked black cherry cake, but your's looks very inviting.

I think also the duck was a very good choice. My birthday food each year is a deep plate of mussels in white wine sauce and a handful of chips to dip in.yikesbig_smilewave

OCT 26 @ 01:02

by cengland

Thanks, Kye.  It was the 22nd, so just the day before yours.  It's funny, I never really got into mussels either, but if I do have them, I think with white wine sauce is probably best.  smile wave

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