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Just got some new pressies

OCT 26 @ 05:52

by Tara

I got whole bunch of new toys the other day courtesy of the OH. big_smile

A set of Peugeot salt and pepper grinders.
Scanpan serving spoons, spatula and ladle to go with the pans I got for Christmas.
Two new olive oil pourers.
And wait for.....a full set of Wusthof knives including 8 Wusthof steak knives and a really cool Santoku knife. These knives are incredible to use, I have never found it so easy to slice and dice a propper dream! big_smile

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OCT 26 @ 07:12

by JoyYamDaisy

So cool!big_smile

OCT 26 @ 07:42

by FlameRed

Wow!!!  That's some pepper grinder lol  You're very lucky Tara big_smilebig_smile

OCT 26 @ 07:58

by oliviascotland

Lucky you! And kudos to your OH for such a generous and wonderful suprise thumbsup It's clear that he really appreciates your efforts in the kitchen wink

OCT 26 @ 08:57

by mummza

Well what a lovely man to give you such splendid things as a surprise .
(will he be expecting some extra splendid cooking to go with them ?)

OCT 26 @ 15:19

by nanstertoo

WOW!  that's some surprise...Was is for a special occasion or "just because"?

OCT 26 @ 16:05


Well done to your OH.
What a gift.
I must ask my OH for a new pepper grinder and see what happens.  rollroll

Enjoy using them Tara, have fun.

OCT 27 @ 01:44

by Tara

Thanks guys, he is a good man!

No special occasion Nans, just because. We don't do birthdays (for adults) mothers day, valentines, Easter and for the first time this year, we're refusing to succome to the pressure and won't be doing Christmas. Because of that presents are always spur of the moment.  Since we won't be doing Christmas anymore we bought 3 tickets to the Eagles, the 3rd ticket being for my 10 year old a huge Eagles fan.  The concert is on the 23rd of December so it compensates nicely.

Mummza, anytime he buys me pressies for the kitchen he loves to see the toys in use more than anything, so although there's no expectation of greatness he's in the kitchen by my side asking for detailed feedback. smile

OCT 29 @ 06:06

by greyhound

nice knives tara and i love the oil pourers. atleast you got proper grinders as well, our first set where battery op. and it used more batteries than the kids toys. very hungry on power and now are shelf ornaments.
lucky girl, i hope you both realize wht you have

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