Jamie Oliver

Croissants and whorls

NOV 01 @ 15:40

by Stella Heath

I made the 'whorls', as I call them, by rolling the dough left over after cutting the triangles for the croissants into a long roll, then cutting it into four rounds with a damp knife.

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NOV 01 @ 16:45

by madamada

che belli, brbig_smileavaaaaa

NOV 01 @ 23:27

by JoyYamDaisy

O wow! Same with the baps! What heavenly cooking! How I wish I lived next door!wink I'd come a knocking!

NOV 02 @ 16:25

by Stella Heath

You'd be welcome, Joy!

I had to give most of them away, as there were about 20 of them for two of us, and they only last a couple of days. Friends and family were delighted - or so they saidsmile

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