Jamie Oliver

there is enough for guests

NOV 08 @ 18:31

by madamada


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NOV 08 @ 20:35

by runneralps

for me too?thumbsup

NOV 08 @ 22:44

by madamada

of coursebig_smile

NOV 09 @ 00:04

by mexican nellie

and me? maybe its latte there. Here it's 6:02 pm wave ciao mada

NOV 09 @ 09:02

by Kye


NOV 09 @ 12:27

by rhianna899

And me mrgreen

NOV 09 @ 17:55

by madamada

I'm serving leftovers for supper hurry hurry hurry and tell me how many you are aI'm starting a pumpkin risottowinkbig_smile

NOV 10 @ 08:41

by Ashen

I am at least two. wink  at least when it comes to risotto. lol  Growing up my mother always would dose out  the rice to add to the pot with the same small cup.  1 for each person, 1 for the pot  except always 2 for me.   Even if there was chicken or some other course afterwards , I would always just want more risotto instead. cool

NOV 10 @ 12:38

by madamada

winkthumbsup ............ now I know that aswell ................ if you come to Italy Ashenbig_smile

the kitchen door is open all of youuuuuuuuuuu

NOV 26 @ 17:02

by minerva

.......the "patented Ashen measuring system" works for me too.......
......but then, I'm not a growing lad like him, I'm just a pig! wink

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