Jamie Oliver

sourdough sweet loaves

NOV 16 @ 08:19

by madamada

with almond and raisins ............. a whole one and a slice of the one we ate saying it needed to be tastedlolwave

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NOV 16 @ 09:48

by Kye

Dont forget to bring a slice with you mada....Ideal to taste at the same time as my Aligoté, what a lovely looking breadbig_smilewave

NOV 16 @ 11:28

by madamada


NOV 16 @ 12:54

by sagraincasa

CAN I HAVE A SLICE TOO????????tongueuke:tongue

NOV 16 @ 14:29

by madamada

sì naturalmentewinklol

NOV 16 @ 20:25

by cilly


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