Jamie Oliver

paleo cookies

NOV 21 @ 20:05

by steelicarus

biggest thing about paleo is the carb crave so i made some cookies using almond flour.

half a cup of honey
a cup of almond flour
half a cup of walnuts
half a cup of dried fruit

i mushed it up real nice by hand then left it outside to cool, rolled it up and then used these awesome cutters, baked for 8 mins, leave to cook - perfik

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SEP 04 @ 20:57

by Paleoworks

Hi Jamie,
Good basic Paleo recipe, the carb crave is very short lived result of beating a sugar addiction. Fact is once your free of cravings, merely a few weeks there's no looking back. We no longer have any cravings, we don't even see things like cake, bread and biscuits as food anymore.

Both Kate, I & all the kids have been so impressed with the results and the impact it has had on our lives we created Paleoworks. Please take a look at what we have done so far. We want to change the way people eat and view food.

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