Jamie Oliver

salads and the variety

NOV 22 @ 11:15

by greyhound

its come into summer again and the weather has warmed up nicely. for this time of year i find salads become a big part of the nightly meal and i keep running out of ideas for something new.
last 2 nights were a treat for me as both were delicous but also so diferent.
sunday night was a bbq with some chicken kebabs but the salads was the winner
leaf of iceburg lettuce  (as a cup) and tossed fried bacon, mushroom slices, cherry tomatoes cucumber, avacado and a poached egg in each serve. egg has to be runny as pepper was only seasonng. also a sprinkle of romano cheese over top
and tonight i dont know if its a mediteranean mix but
grilled eggplant, grilled zuccini, roasted swede (cut into chips) tomatoes, roast onions, roasted beets  (in red wine vinegar) on a bed of baby spinach leaves and some marinated fetta. all served with a roast lamb.
its this versatilty i love about salads as it doesnt have to be cold or the same all the time. infact i hardly do the same as we would get sick of it.

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