Jamie Oliver

My friend and I

DEC 02 @ 20:41

by janiz

This is my glam friend who has just undergone surgery for breast cancer (she is the one in black) . This was at a lunch on Melbourne Cup Day last month....we all got dolled up but she is always perfectly groomed.wink

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DEC 02 @ 22:22

by mummza

Lovely Photo and your friend looks so well for someone who has been through such trauma.thumbsup

DEC 02 @ 23:03

by Luvmegrub

What a beautiful pic Janiz.  Best of luck to your friend smile

DEC 03 @ 08:24

by janiz

Mummza, that was before her surgery ....she only had her op yesterday but her daughter "did"  her face make-up  this morning and GHD her hair...so she would have been looking a million dollarsbig_smile

DEC 03 @ 11:36

by runneralps

best wishes to your friend...smilesmilesmilesmilesmile

DEC 03 @ 14:08

by rhianna899

You both look gorgeous, hope your friend recovers quickly smile

DEC 03 @ 14:32

by Madalina_B

Lovely photosmilewave

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