Jamie Oliver

BBQ @ -20 celsius!

DEC 20 @ 14:09

by Red Henry


It´s been a loooong time since last time visited here. I´ve been guite busy to make my finnish blog Kauhukeittiö (www.kauhukeittio.com) and we just opened our winter BBQ season. It was -20 degrees celsius, but the sun was shining and pork was good! With Weber charcoal grill You can barbecue around the year. Pork was marinaded over 20 hours and roasted with appletree smokepellets.

Let those grills be smoking & BBQ´s going on!


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DEC 20 @ 20:03

by Ashen

awesome.. winter BBQ'ing just seems that much more satisfying .   cool

DEC 20 @ 22:09

by Grandmadamada


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