Jamie Oliver


DEC 21 @ 16:45

by sergio1972

Bats, too many bats, yuk!!

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DEC 21 @ 17:24

by Allora Andiamo

i really must get my eyes tested.....at first glance, i thought that was a cobweb cake for Halloween and the bats were chocolate drops  roll lol

DEC 21 @ 18:04

by sergio1972

The typical comment from a natural foodie...where some see bats AA sees chocolate dropslollol

DEC 23 @ 07:34

by Allora Andiamo

lol sad but true sergio !

MAR 31 @ 00:41

by whitedog

I love bats, Sergio, they are so ingenious. and graceful. Are favorites of the Chinese I hear.

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