Jamie Oliver

RIP Auntie Marie

JAN 05 @ 23:23

by greyhound

THis is something I normally dont do, and i'm not looking for any sympathy or such, but it's something i would like share to those who may be interested.
My father's auntie passed away a couple days ago and its a loss to see such a beautiful person depart. I probably haven't had as much to do with her over the years, mainly because of distance and such, but i know myself and any other person was always welcomed into the house as if they lived there. A few times i had visited i was always made to feel as if my life was something important to her and she always wanted to know about family and activities, how we managed normal day to day things, and anything else we were interested in.
I can remember 1 particular time when my eldest brother and I went for a bike ride through top of NSW and ended up on her doorstep about 5 in the afternoon and we weren't allowed to leave until we had some dinner. Her daughter would have been upset if she missed seeing us and consequently, we ended up staying the night and made to stay for breakfast next morning as well.
It's things like that that stick in my mind. She would have been horrified if she couldn't cook a meal for a visitor she hadnt seen for some time. Never a bad thought about anyone always a smile and warm welcome.
It comes as no surprise as age and frailty were catching up but still she will be missed.
This is more of sharing what sort of person she was and god help us, if more people could be like her. We will alays think of her

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JAN 05 @ 23:48

by Grandmadamada

thanks for sharing greyhound and condoglianzesmile

JAN 06 @ 08:16

by greyhound

thanks grand ma. you would have liked her. she was a sweetheart

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