Jamie Oliver


JAN 19 @ 13:49

by joobes


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JAN 19 @ 16:00

by nanstertoo

Very sweet face.

JAN 21 @ 14:02

by MsPablo

He's looking a little serious, like he was getting ready for his close-up.

JUN 20 @ 15:17

by @nGoose1

So cool!

AUG 25 @ 15:44

by joobes

Ha ha yeah he was a little fed up that day. He came in the bookshop to visit me with my OH. He had just come from the park and wanted to go back. He was bored and i was taking pictures of him. He was looking at me with an, I am not amused face. lol bless him.

SEP 08 @ 14:28

by nicole bbe day

hi you ok im in yre 10 at school studeying gcse a leval food and i was wondering if you had enay good resipes thjx x and i love your doy he is sooo cuit i have a cat called magnus lol hope you can help thx thumbsup  smile  help  wave  exclaim

SEP 08 @ 14:33

by nicole bbe day

if you do have some pleas e email them to nicole . 25 @ live . co . uk  or sent to nicole day14 @ live . co . uk thx again take away the spacer s thx xxxx im 16 thx

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