Jamie Oliver

My first ever bagels.

JAN 25 @ 13:34

by DebDiMaggio

I used a water/flour recipe but next time I want to use a water/milk/ flour recipe to get a more soft center. Great boiled in potato gnocchi water though.

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JAN 25 @ 17:40

by sagraincasa

Well done  thumbsup, I've never done it. Considered the golden cooking color, your bagels seem very good.thumbsupthumbsupwave

JAN 25 @ 21:33

by frizz1974

wow Deb!

JAN 26 @ 08:07

by Ashen

those look awesome Deb.. great job. cool  now we just need some lox and cream cheese.

I will figure out how to make the lox if Eddie figures out the cream cheese. lol

JAN 26 @ 08:51

by DebDiMaggio

I had them with bacon and egg and avocado and one with salmon but no cream cheese I'm lactose intollerant. tongue

JAN 26 @ 10:38

by Kye

Cute, they look perfectbig_smilewave

JAN 26 @ 13:02

by Madalina_B

Looks great thumbsup well done, Deb smilewave

JAN 27 @ 23:10

by ddziak

They look perfect...much better than most I can get here. thumbsup

JAN 28 @ 08:02

by DebDiMaggio

it's so easy to make ddziak.

really there's lots of recipes for them online.

JAN 31 @ 23:37

by ddziak

Okay, you have convinced me. I  put them on my list of things I definitely need to try. I am pretty hesitant making my own bread/rolls/bagels. I don't know why though.

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