Jamie Oliver

My g/daughter ready for big school!

FEB 03 @ 21:55

by janiz

My g/daughter has her first day at big school todaybig_smile How exciting....she isn't a toddler anymore...she is getting all grown upthumbsup

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FEB 03 @ 22:43

by Grandmadamada

I like this pic janiz, it's so true we could even hear what she is sayingthumbsupthumbsupwave ciao

FEB 04 @ 13:28

by Kye

Did she mind that her dress was blue at all ??

FEB 04 @ 16:35

by nanstertoo

What a very beautiful girl, and a great pic.

FEB 09 @ 05:57

by Luvmegrub

Another milestone Janiz thumbsup

Next thing you know, she'll be losing her baby teeth sad

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