Jamie Oliver

Traditional Swabian cheese-spaetzle

FEB 20 @ 21:14

by maddimouse

Tonights dinner! I craved some comfort food, didn´t have a good day today... I desperately need some sun, all these cloudy days when you have to turn the lights on all day really affect my mood....

I have fond memories of this dish, it was one of the families´ favourites! Spaetzle layered with roasted onions and cheese, baked in the oven until the cheese is melted and nicely browned, served with field salad.

And yes, it defo lifted my mood! thumbsup

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FEB 20 @ 21:39

by mr spice

Mmmm...homemade Spaetzle. I love this fried in butter, but this looks really good too.
Feldsalat is great right now. It's called Lamb's Lettuce in England by the way wavebig_smile

FEB 20 @ 23:59

by Ashen

that is awesome looking Maddi..  I need ot have another go at making spaetzle. cool

MAR 10 @ 20:22

by maddimouse

Aaaah... I wasn´t sure, Spicy man, my translator threw quite some translations at me!!
I´ll try to remember! thumbsup

Ashen... my kitchen always looks like a bomb has just exploded but it´s worth it.... I usually make a lot more spaetzle and when they´re al dente, I rinse them with cold water, let it drop off and freeze them in portions. That works just fine!

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