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[Square] Clementine Cake

FEB 23 @ 18:52

by michael_toa

The cake is square, but the Clementines are definitely round. I baked this cake in a square tin simply because I could get more slices from it. If I were to bake this in a round tin, I could only get 12 slices; but in a square tin, I got 36. Yes, they are smaller slices, but I think it's nicer for my friends to be able to have second or third serving rather than just 1 if that makes any sense.

I am really into cakes made with ground almond these days. I love the texture (that's true), your friends with gluten-intolerance would appreciate that (also true), and because they're so moist, they last longer (so not true!).

This could possibly be the easiest cake recipe, ever. There are only 5 ingredients; you put everything in a food processor, blitz to mix and you have the batter. Yes, the clementines need to be boiled for a couple of hours until really soft and then let to cool, but whilst they're cooking and cooling, you could be doing other things, like hoovering, cooking dinner, eating dinner, washing dishes, reading blogs, watch 3 episodes of Friends, 2 episodes of Scrubs and one 2 hours long episode of American Idol; or whatever you fancy doing.

The cake is so so moist and smelled like Christmas while baking. The taste was utterly delicious, full of orangey goodness. It's like eating bright beam of sunshine; and however impossible, it does sound nice and poetic, right?

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