Jamie Oliver


MAR 03 @ 02:09

by cadlmom2011

Hmm I noticed a lot of posters in the blogs make a lot of dishes that have a lot of detail to them.  It's incredible to read through a lot of these posts. smile

I'm a bit of a beginner ordinary cook. help  I don't use a lot of store processed ingredients and I do try to stick with organic or homegrown or farm bought.  I don't 'cook with flare' like most on here. I like 5 minute prep & 30 minute cook meals my kids will actually eat! lol

It's taken me a long time to learn how to make a decent lasagna! Now my interests are pancakes and waffles - not the store processed kind! I'm trying to make them from scratch!

I'll look into pics. I might be able to take them on Saturday mornings when I make breakfast for my kids! 


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MAR 03 @ 22:58

by Luvmegrub

Hi Caz wave   There are lots of "ordinary cooks" on JO too (me for one).  It's so inspiring to read the blogs and it's definitely encouraged me to try new things and use ingredients I wouldn't normally have used.  My girls are a bit older now and willing to try anything, although one still hates mince and the other hates fish!

Have a look at our "Ready, Set, Cook" thread and join in if you would like to.  It's been great for me, pushing my boundaries and learning.  Of course, not all my attempts are successful whistle but when I do something never before attempted and it works, well I'm so pleased with myself lol

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