Jamie Oliver

Roast Chicken with Goat's Cheese

MAR 16 @ 16:41

by michael_toa

Nothing beats the simplicity of a good roast chicken, with its salty, crispy skin, moist breast meat and tender dark meat (my favourite!).

This particular recipe is so simple and delicious. The carrots and shallots add lovely sweetness along with the garlic that became soft and sweet, the fragrant rosemary... and extra saltiness and also creaminess from the goat's cheese. Ah, so good!

The original recipe calls for Dutch carrots and French shallots, but I just used the regular kinds. I also added cubes of pancetta and I don't think I need any explanations for adding extra deliciousness. Right?

Serve with lemony couscous with chickpeas and well-chilled Riesling, and I am on my way to a delightful evening...

For recipe and more pictures, please visit:

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