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Coconut Bread Pudding

MAR 16 @ 16:42

by michael_toa

The already delicious bread pudding is enhanced with coconut cream and a hint of dark rum. So, if you love the flavour of coconut, you will love this bread pudding. It's a lovely exotic tropical twist on a classic dessert. I wish there was a way to attach the aroma coming out from the oven because mouths will water once they smell the scent of this sweet pudding.

I use coconut cream here to make the custard, but if you can't find it, simply use good-old double cream and replace the milk with regular coconut milk which is more widely available. You can also certainly add raisins that have been soaked in rum or shredded coconut, it's up to you... All I need was a bowl and a spoon. Yum.

For recipe and more pictures, please visit:

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MAR 17 @ 16:35

by mexican nellie

thumbsupthumbsupwave Michael  I like coconut & your recipe sounds easy and delicious!! I remember a pudding with coconut but i use the dry coconut & its water.

MAR 17 @ 23:13

by minerva

Is this "Bread Pudding"? or "Bread & Butter Pudding"?
To traditionalists there is a difference.

MAR 18 @ 10:35

by michael_toa

I think this is just bread pudding because I don't use any butter, so I can't call it bread and butter pudding... smile

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