Jamie Oliver

whats this plant?

MAR 27 @ 10:18

by DebDiMaggio

it looks like Jasmin, it is a "crawler" I don't know what it's called, the flower came undone in my pocket but it looks a bit like a mini rose.
I'd love to get it for my terrace it's gorgeous this time of year.

Does anyone know?help

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MAR 27 @ 10:27

by JoyYamDaisy

Banksia Rose.
It can get out of hand and take over everything so make sure you have enough room or are good at cutting things back!thumbsup

MAR 27 @ 10:33

by DebDiMaggio

it's huge in  the park over 10ft tall. I need to find the latin name and then then spanish name. I do have loads of room, it could infact grow over the wall that goes down from my terrace to the back of the garage which would cover up all the crap thats been there for centuries. lol
But yes I am good at cutting back Joy. wink

MAR 27 @ 11:00

by Grandmadamada

you make me think I also want one maybe for my birthdaywinkthumbsupwave

MAR 27 @ 16:26

by nanstertoo

That's Rosa banksiae 'Lutea'. in Latin, but I have no idea what it would be in Spanish.

MAR 27 @ 17:50

by DebDiMaggio

aparently it's called Alba Plena

MAR 27 @ 19:12

by runneralps

alba plena?hmmhmm

MAR 27 @ 22:45

by minerva

Alba = white
Plena = "double" flowers

The picture does look more like a Rosa banksiae "Lutea", I have to say.

As others have said, it's often described as a "rambler" rose & as such does need a lot of room.
It is possible however to prune it, but this isn't a plant for pots, small borders or small places.
The bonus is that it is thornless.

MAR 28 @ 08:41

by DebDiMaggio

Alba Plena refers to "the dawning" don't know. this is the spanish name.

SO i can't plant it in a huge pot then??

MAR 28 @ 19:32

by MsPablo

It is Rosa banksiae 'Alba Plena', the white version of the Lady Banks rose many refer to above that is yellow.  It is a big, sprawling, mostly thornless rose.

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