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Difficult times....

MAR 30 @ 19:48

by maddimouse

Hi everyone!

I wanted to post food pix to say hello - always nice to make people´s mouths water, at least I wish! lol I´ll do that later because right now it´s not working.

Anyway, I am a very rare guest (still) and since we found out that my dad suffers from prostate cancer that won´t change too soon. We´re all quite scared and it´s taking up a lot of energy to get through very stressfull business AND now stressfull private life.

I think I´m not the only one having troubles sleeping and if I do, I often have nightmares and wake up all soaked in sweat. It´s a very tough time for all of us and I hope you keep your fingers crossed it all will go well. Chances are not that bad but would be better if my dad would not already have to deal with several other illnesses that weaken his immune system.

I would never dare to say that it´s harder for me than for my sister, but I live 550 km away from home and just can´t go round dad´s to see if he´s fine. That´s probably the hardest part of it all, wanting to help but not being able to. We´ve always been on the phone every one or two weeks so we keep on doing that and I´ll try to get home more often to give them all my support as well. I feel pretty useless here, so much I can tell you!

Right, enough moaning in one post. I hope you´re all fine and enjoying springtime. We´re doing our best to keep our heads up and not give up hope!!!



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MAR 30 @ 21:47

by Grandmadamada

ciao Maddi, you share your thoughts with your usual sweet gentle way, I'm so sorry for the health problems your dad is facing now. Best wishes from me and to you a big big abbraccio for being so far away and so near at the same time to your daddy, do not worry he will know you are thinking of him even if you are not there.
You know you are in our thoughts and prayers and come to have a chat with us when you feel likesmilewave

MAR 30 @ 23:00

by mr spice

Hi Maddi, very sorry to hear about your Dad.
I know what its like living a long way from your parents and it must be hell that you can't get back to see him as often as you want.
All I can advise is call him when you can, make sure you always some good news to tell him and that he takes an interest in his food and is eating well. Plan the times you can spend together well in advance and mention these frequently every time you call him.
Tell him you love him.
And never, ever, ever give up hope Maddi...

MAR 31 @ 21:19

by @nGoose1

Keep Strong, I have had similar senarios. I think there is some good advice from Mr.Spice.

APR 01 @ 00:26

by Luvmegrub

Hi Maddi wave, thinking of you going through this difficult time.  Good advice above.

APR 01 @ 18:56

by nanstertoo

Hi Maddi.  So sorry to hear about your dad.  When I wake up in the middle of the night, I usually turn on the computer and see what's happening on the other side of the world.  With all the time differences there's usually someone to chat with.  Give it a try sometime.  I hope your father's treatment goes well.wave

APR 02 @ 10:56

by maddimouse

Thanks for your wishes everyone. I´m planning a visit to my family the week before easter, so it´s not long to go until I see them all again! My sister, hubby and my little niece are going to visit us for a few days, too, in fact I will be leaving two days before they drive up to ours so I have enough time to prepare everything with my OH for their stay.
Going to chat with dad later. Oh, and we´ll have a little barbecue today, too!!! It´s gonna beh thefirst one this year, and it´s warm enough to eat outside, too!!!

APR 06 @ 23:59

by cadlmom2011

Hi D!

Hope you have a nice time visiting your family.  I'm sorry to hear about your dad. I'm glad to hear you have decent weather to barbecue!

It's Caz (the same one you met in May 2008 in London).   I'll email you soon.  smile

Take care and hug that little niece of yours for me!  wave

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