Jamie Oliver

A former pyrex baking dish.

APR 03 @ 14:34

by Birdymum

This dish exploded into little bits while in use. It was pretty spectacular, and the explosion was loud enough to bring people running.

Old pyrex @ 200C + open the oven and let in some cold air = instant explosion.

The roast was fine, which was amazing, it just dropped down a few inches.

sad rest in pieces my favourite pyrex dish.

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APR 03 @ 17:52

by @nGoose1

Looks like a Heston Blumentol dish. He probably has edible pyrex somewhere. The man is a ledgend.

APR 03 @ 21:24

by Ashen

what I can't get over is except for the broken glass , that has got to be the cleanest ove I have ever seen. tongue

APR 03 @ 23:28

by JoyYamDaisy

O dear!

Metal pans from now on?

APR 04 @ 02:51

by Luvmegrub

At least you saved the pork Birdy lol

APR 04 @ 07:22

by Birdymum

Pork tasted wonderful, after it was checked extremely carefully for shards, and finished cooking.

Ashen, I guess the oven is cleaned occasionally but used often.

APR 04 @ 08:52

by BritFinn

Wow, Birdymum, lucky that it didn't do any damage...........maybe you should forward your photo to pyrex, you might get lucky!whistle

APR 04 @ 13:43

by nanstertoo

I've seen them do that if you put a cold Pyrex dish into a very hot oven, or pour cold liquid into a hot dish, but never just from a blast of air!  That's amazing.  Glad no one was hurt and the roast was OK.

APR 04 @ 16:24

by MsPablo

I would send the photo to Pyrex.  They owe you a new roast and a new pan.

APR 05 @ 13:35

by Birdymum

I should have mentioned that it was old, inherited it from MIL when she downsized into a retirement village, so it has to have been used extensively by her for 20yrs or more before it was passed on nearly 10 yrs ago. Might have had some fault lines in it from age & constant use.

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