Jamie Oliver

Cinnamon Scrolls

APR 10 @ 04:40

by janiz

Made these using Frizz's recipe. They are beautiful!!big_smile Thanks for the recipe Frizzthumbsup

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APR 11 @ 05:45

by Luvmegrub

Yum Janiz!  I made them on Saturday too, they are absolutely fab.  My SIL took some home and the nephews didn't believe I had baked them myself, said I must have got Emma to bring them from Bakers Delight (she works there).

APR 11 @ 12:56

by janiz

Yes there are good!! I couldn't believe something I cooked turned out so well!! When I made bread (once tongue) from scratch nit using the bread maker it looked better than it tasted but these are fantastic!

JUN 10 @ 11:18

by frizz1974

No worries Janiz...

so glad you enjoyed them & were happy with the result...

You remind me that I need to get some from the freezer to bake tomorrow...

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