Jamie Oliver

beer can chicken

APR 10 @ 20:36

by Captain C

or in this case, cider

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APR 11 @ 05:40

by Luvmegrub

Would you recommend it Captain?  I keep reading about it but never bothered making it yet. 

Of course I would cook it in the BBQ so I could get OH to be in charge of it whistle

APR 11 @ 09:34

by Captain C

to be honest, I dont hink it tasted any different hmm

I didnt use any particularly fancy booze, and as it was only me eating it, i didnt bbq it, just threw it in the oven, might have another go though

APR 11 @ 09:57

by Sandy

We did this in the Weber with beer and it was great, lovely and moist and crisp skin.

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