Jamie Oliver

my Sunday breakfast treat

APR 19 @ 08:11

by Allora Andiamo

green asparagus with pan seared baby tomatoes and buttery scrambled eggs....mmmmmmmm

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APR 19 @ 09:54

by Mykeyboyrox

asparagus for breakfast, interesting... looks good to me!

APR 19 @ 13:50

by nanstertoo

Now that's my kind of breakfast, AAthumbsupthumbsup

APR 19 @ 17:34

by runneralps

ohhhhhh...you push it to much lady......smilesmile

APR 19 @ 20:52

by @nGoose1

Weekend ish breakfast will see  poached egg pancheta Asparagus toasted soda bread.
Love your breakfast. Acually there ares some Sardinian Tomatoes around, could be your breakfast wins the day with Sour dough bread.

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