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APR 25 @ 11:01

by mr spice

OK so a 150g bag of Kettle Chips costs £1.75 at Tesco's...
I made this 150g portion from a single potato last week.
I sprayed them with Balsamic vinegar and added a little salt and pepper. Delicious!
The tatties were so cheap I honestly can't remember how much...maybe €2.00 for a 2.5kg bag.
So...if Mr Spice drives at an average speed of 50mph from his house to Tescos, how much money would he save by making his own kettle chipsquestionlollol

A. Not a lot, he lives in Germanylol

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APR 25 @ 13:05

by MsPablo

They look excellent Mr.S.

APR 25 @ 15:39

by Captain C

Spicester, how did you cook them ? they look superb thumbsup

APR 25 @ 16:18

by mr spice

I sliced the potato with a mandolin.
Washed the slices to destarch them.
Dried them briefly on kitchen roll before shallow frying them in a large frying pan.
I guess a deepfryer would be less hassle but I don't have one.
I kept the frying temperature at 160C and turned them after a couple of minutes.
I put them on kitchen roll to soak some oil off while I cooked a second pan.
Add flavour and devourmrgreen

APR 26 @ 10:48

by Sandy

Well done Mr S and they look so good.

MAY 18 @ 16:04

by Prudhoemike

Why didn't you just go to Aldi Sid?

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