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still at it

APR 28 @ 06:20

by cohphanta

Well, it's be a couple of weeks or so. I am still running. I've set a routine. I run every other day and the days in between I go for a swim. I have been feeling a bit guilty about laying off my yoga.  So, I need to work that in as well.  I haven't eaten rice, pasta or bread in over 3 weeks. Being cajun that is a hard thing to do.  I haven't had potatoes until today. I had a 1/2 bag of chips.  I am craving a jambalaya.  This weekend I may make one and take it to work for everyone  and just have a tiny bit for myself.  I've always eaten rather healty, but I've kicked it up a notch.  I'll probably add back in pasta, rice...etc in another week or so, but keep it to 2 or 3 meals a week and not daily like I use to.  In the past on any given day I could have all of that and sometimes together.  One of my favorite dishes is a sausage and potato stew that I'd eat over rice.

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