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Being a Married Cajun

MAY 03 @ 00:47

by cohphanta

When i was growing up when you married people then called you by your husbands name.  For example if your husbands first name was John, you were called Madame John.  I don't know if the younger generation does that.  We all had god parents even if we weren't catholic.  I am the first one if my family to choose not to do that.  We called them Parrain and Marriane. Our uncles were called N'oncle and aunts were Tante.  Juniors were not called Jr. like most places, they were called "little". So, if a man's name was Glenn Jr., he was called T'Glenn.  Sometimes they used the english instead and it would be Little Glenn and the Sr. would be called Big Glenn.

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MAY 03 @ 22:40

by Kye

Is it alright if i seem to compare?

N'oncle is notre oncle...

Madame Pierre, Jean, Sebastien... was also very typical. Our God parents are also called  Parrain and Marraine and with great respect....when my O/H speaks about his Parrain who died many years ago he always says "Mon Parrain".

Oncle and Tante, i have many that have become over the years Tonton and Tata as with our sons that adress them in the same way.

For the youngers that have the same name as their elders we say 'Le jeune Jean' if a boy or 'La petite Marionette' ...when a girl..
In Burgundy  'Le or La' is always before ...prename that we give to others..Le Grand-Père, La Grande Mère....Le Baptiste...La Valérie....and so on.

Lovely to read about your young life cohphanta...sorry if i took over with a few familitaries...smile

MAY 04 @ 00:52

by cohphanta

It's nice.....as it was so different than the rest of the US...it's nice to see were it came from.  A few hundred years and a world away and yet we have some common ground.  Feel free to add anything in your comments, I love it!

MAY 04 @ 19:18

by Kye

We collect all writings of Henri Vincenot who for many years dedicated his writings to his Bourgogne, he wrote about his life as a boy and also about Burgundian language (Oïl) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burgundian_language_(O%C3%AFl)

Two members of our family are writing their memoires, one of the two has been published.

Do you know where your ancestors originated from, the South West of France, or the centre.. La Creuse, Saône-et-Loire, La Nièvre, perhaps Burgundy. Your accents compare with the middle of France....its quite recent, can you ask questions.. are there any documents and dates?

Please tell me your family name..i also can try to do some recherche.

MAY 04 @ 20:52

by cohphanta

My father's side is from Amboise in the Centre region. The sur name is Bergeron. My mother's family I do not have as much information. Some of her father's side were from France by way of Austria. One of her cousins went to France and did all the leg work, but he didn't share all of the info with us. What we have is sparce. I was fortunate on my father's side as someone had done a very good job of getting the info and sharing it with the library back home.
On my father's side some of the names are (these are the maiden names of the wives as all the men were Bergeron) Bardougne, Beloche, Dourceray, and Scarron. Those are the ones born in France,  Antoinne Bergeron and Claudette Scarron's son was born in France then moved to Nova Scotia he married a woman who was born there Genevieve Serreaux.  Her father, Jean Serreaux was born in Poitou, France. Her mother's name was Marguerite Boisleau, also born in Poitou. My mother's side the names are Marcel, LeBouef, Lapyrouse, Pinel, and Oubre.

I"m always trying to gather information about where they lived and what the areas are like.  I wish I had the ability to go to France and see it all....maybe some day....

MAY 04 @ 22:41

by Kye

I may have found your Fathers ancestors from St Aubin in Poitou..France.

I havn't checked the translation, but i am sure that you wiil understand, if not ask me as its very long. Look down to the 9th paragraph....
Bergeron family

History of ancestors
The Bergeron in France
in Acadia and Quebec

1..One can safely somewhere around 85 to 90% of the territory of St. Gregory as it was originally was settled by the Acadian families of victims in one way or another deportation and persecution of various from 1755: that of Bergeron was among them.

2..The first and only coming down the Bergeron Bergeron called Acadian Barthelemy Bergeron D'Amboise said, from D'Amboise in Touraine, born May 23, 1665.

3..Although the Acadia was founded in 1604, we must wait until autumn 1684 before noticing the presence of Bartholomew in Quebec City where he spent a contract to partner with tradespeople, he then said Baker.

On 29 November 1689, with Pierre Viau and John Mera, he brought a lawsuit against the Northwest Company for wages. It is about three notes signed by Iberville. We can then deduce that it has been for a time at least, those around him.

4..On 19 December the same year, they lose their case and were sentenced to pay a fine of 3 pounds and costs of suit. In the document, Barthelemy Bergeron D'Amboise says.

5..In winter, not to go to work and stay with a host, he contrived to build some shops used. Bona Arseneault teaches us that it has its base in Quebec in the lower city at Pierre Lezeau, master boat. When in 1690 he made his will, we realize that this is not money that is missing .. It also said it is voluntary and is on his departure for the trip to Englishmen?.

6..February 15, 1691, is sponsoring Anne Garnault the Guardian Angel.

7..On May 11, 1691, he passed a note addressed to the company to go fur trade to the St. John River, Acadia.

8..Around 1693 he settled in Port Royal, he will soon become owner of a schooner and will cabotage (trade) in the great French Bay (Fundy). Activity will continue into old age.

9..Around 1695, he married Genevieve Serreau St. Aubin, widow of Jacques Petit Pas, daughter of the lord of St. Croix, Jean St-Aubin Serreau he has 10 children. Note that from 1692 until early 1695, Genevieve was imprisoned with her husband and her husband Jacques Petit Pas Boston. As the first child of the latter and Bartholomew, Bartholomew's Baptism 1 January 1696 (St-François de l'Ile d'Orleans), one can speculate that they were married in Boston, especially more than the act of marriage has not yet been found.

10..In July 1704 he was taken prisoner with his wife and four children, during the attack of Captain Church against Port Royal. They were taken captive with others in Boston and held hostage. Only in September 1706, they will be released in exchange for English prisoners made by the Acadians who were detained at Port Royal.

1710: Nova Scotia is definitely English.

1714: During the census, Bartholomew and his family still reside in Port Royal, in the vicinity of Cape Town, Lower Town, and near the fort.

1730, with his family, other allied families and companions, and at the urging of French power as missionaries, he emigrated to the St. John River near Fredericton (NB). He left for English and Acadian French Acadia safer. He established his three sons, Bartholomew, and Michael J. Augustine. In 1763, he and his wife died.

Lord of the Great Upheaval of 1755 and until 1763, opinions are divided concerning the fate of family members. Bona Arseneault says that most of them were held prisoner in Halifax until the signing of the peace treaty, other authors consulted do not just talk. After the conquest, the Acadians of the St. John River will be deported.

The three Mother / Father Bartholomew immigrated to Louisiana with nearly all of their family. Some, especially children Michael, will remain in Canada or in the lower river or Rivières area .. Stephen himself, is the ancestor of Bergeron Gaspé we often end up afterwards as the Damboise. Detail to note, Stephen was the only Father / Mother Michel to know how to sign his name and he had a beautiful hand writing. They are still Father / Mother Michel François Michel, Pierre (a) and Simon Peter and another (b), it will have no descendants, who will move to St. Gregory.

Peter was the first to leave since February 3, 1759 already, it is in Quebec in 1761 in Cap-De-La-Madeleine in 1764, is a land grant to Lac St-Paul.

In spring 1763, Francis and Simon Peter (b), will follow their brother Michael said Nantes which will lead them and others, still hidden in the woods, following the path of the portage to reach the end of the fall of same year Cacouna where they overwinter, redoing their strengths and building boats that will take them to court for the year 1764 instead, which is now the center of the village of St. Gregory. They came to join their compatriots who had settled since 1758 in Bécancour (including St. Angela) and Lake St. Paul.

Where are established on 4 Mother / Father Michael?

Peter, Lot 365, 12005, Leblanc Road (Lac-St-Paul), now Normand Bergeron.

Simon Peter's neighbor likely Lot 364, 12190, Chemin Leblanc (Lac St-Paul), now owned by René Léger Bergeron. The old house was located on the other side of the road.

Nantes Michel said Lot 181, 17040, boul. Acadians, now owned by Jacques René Bergeron.

Francis neighbor to the north-east of Michel, Lot 177, now partly in and partly Antoine Verfaillie Highway 55. The house she is now at 16495 Blvd. Acadians. It is not possible at this time whether this house was built by Francis or one of these descendants, the land has not always belonged to this branch of the family Bergeron. By cons, we know that when the expropriation for the construction of Highway 55 is Maurice Bergeron, a descendant of Pierre Charlot (a) who was the owner.

Pierre (b) he had land in the Lac St-Paul and St. Gregory, however, he had no offspring and was buried in Louisville.

Remarkably, except the land of Francis, all the land still belonged to Bergeron.

One last detail, Rev. Louis Richard was found in Bécancour a 5th Bergeron that he believes will be of Canadian origin or Charles Andrew, born around 1739, buried in Bécancour September 27, 1826. It was not related to the 5 brothers, for he marries without waiver of kinship, more children with children and grandchildren of these. However, he had married about 1771 an Acadian, Madeleine Poirier (Pierre and Marie Godet).

(Prepared at the picnic at Old Mill Bergeron of St-Grégoire September 3, 1995)

Two Large Families Acadian Quebec

(Partial text)

The Bergeron and Hebert

By R. P. Adrien Bergeron s.s.s.

Acadia or Nova Scotia: Great Peninsula English

Former French colony comprising what is now Nova Scotia and parts of New Brunswick. Discovered in 1497 by Sebastian Cabot. The Florentine Verazzani visited it in 1524, and called Acadia, the name given him by the natives themselves ... Acadia was the scene of a long series of disastrous wars between the English and French, to the capture of Louisbourg by the English in 1758, then to what it received a constitution modeled on that of England . It is part of the Canadian confederation in 1867 under the name Nova Scotia.

Genealogy --- An opinion

Extract: The spring of a generation, Paris, Nagel, 1946, page 39 by St George's Bouchelier.

The history of BERGERON take pages. Such a description is it worth the trouble? Besides the armed men and church people ... we see the clergy. Some of these, have held large positions in the courts, and in other places, but it is not about to list. There would be vain to stop there, and it would be a fool. There is no family who can boast a few good men, and in the smaller corporation, as in every line, we find the masters. No condition is not enough to make us shine, none of us endorse the degradation. What matters is the soul of a family, the energy it uses in its business, trends that are obvious and which, through generation after generation, eventually accomplished Type in a copy, and produce a masterpiece.

BERGERON ..........

Our name represents the legacy of our ancestors, it is part of us, our name is no doubt that we cherish. The names have changed over time as our ancestors had a tradition of oral rather than written.

When surnames were formed around the tenth century, it was necessary to appoint those whose training was to feed the lambs, ewes and sheep, the name became Berger. Other people doing the same job would, because of their age or size, received the surname of Bergeron, that is to say "little shepherd". Curiously, they are the ones who have managed the miracle of foothold in New France, Acadia and elsewhere in North America.

Much of what we know about Andre Bergeron is the result of research conducted by the Archangel Godbout genealogist and author of the History of the Lordship of Lauzon, Joseph Armand Roy

It should be noted here that there were seven different strains BERGERON, two of whom were Acadian. So again pass them, one after another in chronological order the establishment of their home country. Their from France is available as follows:

1a - Jacques de Provence said Johiel married in 1669 to Gertrude Moral
1b - Dominique de Provence told Johiel married in 1698 in Quebec to Marie-Anne Milot. This family has radiated to Quebec and Montreal.
2 - Francois Bergeron married in Trois-Rivieres November 3, 1667 at Etiennette Leclerc. This family has radiated to Yamachiche and St. Francois du Lac.
3 - Francois du Poitou, married in Montreal in 1737 to Marie Jeanne Collet
4 - Jacques Larose said Lorraine Union May 19, 1749 to Marguerite Renaud
5 - BARTHÉLÉMY said of Ambrose of Touraine married at Port Royal in Acadia Serreau Genevieve St-Aubin
6 - Andre Aunis married in 1674 to Marguerite Dumay.
7 - Michel de l'Auvergne established at Port Royal in Acadia, married to Mary-Anne Gauthier.

Seven Bergeron, he should remember those whose offspring is the most significant aujourd'ui: Andrew and Bartholomew. Bartholomew was a sailor, the man whose arrival in Canada is around 1684, seems to settle in Quebec, where associated with a few friends, he established a bakery business. The fate being what it is, Barthelemy abandon his adopted country to go to Acadia, where the lead with its shipments of Iberville. Of his marriage were born at least ten children. His progeny was perpetuated in Acadia, despite the deportation. The Bergeron many Acadians in Quebec mainly in the Nicolet. The first Acadians who settled here Bergeron, Michel Bergeron of Nantes, in the area of ​​Nicolet. But his story is that of the Acadia First, it is towards Barthelemy Bergeron, my ancestor, he must turn.

Barthélémy Bergeron d'Amboise said of Touraine (our earliest ancestors) and Bergeron Hebert, came from the same province of Old France: Touraine located, as a natural jewel among these other conditions well known in our history.

Poitou, Anjou, Orleans, and Berry, a province whose famous old writer had written: I was born in the garden of France's Touraine!. In olden days, yes, Touraine, with its incomparable landscape, with its fertile land voluntarily, by its mild climate year round, Touraine was a paradise for the election of many Kings and Queens of the great centuries, its history back to the time of the Caesars had earned him the nickname of West Jerusalem.

For the first Bergeron d'Acadie (when screening family) we specify a formal document and its local origin and the reason for his nickname. Indeed, in the archives of France on exiles in Cherbourg in 1767 in the role of names and nicknames qualities of the Acadians, honest families from North America who have served as military officers, we find the following statement: The Sieur de Bellefontaine, the St-Jean, lane Gabriel officer on ships of the King ... Staff was all militias (the place) ... Anne-Marie Bergeron, his wife (born in Port Royal, June 24, 1706) Father / Mother Barthelemy d'Amboise was and had been settled in Acadia, where he sailed on his behalf, and Delle Cerau St. Aubin.

Barthelemy Bergeron seems to have arrived in Acadia at the same time and that Arsenault Prince in 1671, and certainly as a sailor, like his whole life to come we will manifest. Thus will there be seen taking part in the famous expedition to the Chevalier de Troyes Bay North (Hudson and less precisely stated otherwise) in 1685 as a companion to the famous Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville as evidenced by the documents of the Superior Council of New France dated the following year. (I)

The Acadians (historians) have learned that d'Amboise are all actually Bergeron. Gaudet, the first partition souligNaissanceur census of 1714 or under the name of d'Amboise, Bartholomew is listed as residing near the Port of Fort Royal, and as having three boys and three girls.

Bergeron's first Acadian to settle in St-Grégoire de Nicolet, Michel, had the nickname De Nantes instead of Amboise from the fact that there were three Michel to follow, from father to son and that it should not be confused. Michel Bergeron, a native of Clermont in Auvergne, established in Port Royal, and married to Mary-Anne Gauthier. Michel Gauthier This is not to be confused with the little son or father / mother Bartholomew. The grandmother of Michael 2 (our ancestor) came from Nantes in Brittany, and that Michel was usually the marine service between this port in Europe and that of the St. John River.

BARTHÉLÉMY Bergeron said d'Amboise, married about 1695, at Port Royal in Acadia Delle Serreau Genevieve, St. Aubin, Father / Mother John and Marguerite Boileau. Genevieve was born in 1667 in Ile d'Orleans. She was baptized in Quebec City parish of Our Lady. She was only 8 years old when his family emigrated permanently in Acadia. After his father had sold his land multiple Ile d'Orleans, Quebec and even the Bay St. Paul. The latter firm had been granted to Bishop Laval, the sum of 7700 pounds. In Acadia, St. Aubin settled halfway between the Lords of the St. John River, and that of Pentagout, north-west Bay River St John, Frances Bay, and South is the establishment of St. Croix. Their fields included names enshrined in history: as the head of the Pond, Pesmocadie, the Port aux shells, and the addition of Le Havre. They played a strong role in these environments.

It is also known as d'Iberville in 1688, regimented recruits in France itself, on behalf of the Society of Acadia, and go to the sea in northern Canada. (Journal of American History F, Vol 5, page 402) But this only occurred after the first shipment. It is also known, however, that at the invitation of Minister Colbert, anxious to rebuild the navy to nine of the Kingdom, Charles Lemoyne sent three of his son, whose Iberville, studying at schools and maritime expeditions in France for four or five years. That's probably where Barthelemy Bergeron had knowledge and engagement with the future John Bart Canadian. By cons, even then, it retraces the same Bartholomew Acadia. Besides, he attended only the first shipment of North Bay, D'Iberville, which would make war so gloriously in Acadia itself, and furthermore take Lordship, at the bottom of the Baie des Chaleurs, already came there before, enlisting recruits choice. Sailors there being numerous and highly experienced.

Progeny linear Bergeron Nicolet (Acadians)

First generation: the family of origin

Barthélémy Bergeron d'Amboise said, married in 1695 in Port Royal, Genevieve Serreau St. Aubin, Father / Mother ... Serreau St. Aubin and Margaret Boileau, based in the southern part of the Lordship of St. Croix on Baie Francoise. Bartholomew resided in Port-Royal itself (and strongest) to the seventh earth, not far from Maurice Vigneau between Abraham Dugas and Rene Granger.

Children: Bartholomew was born in 1698 in Port Royal, died in 1766, married Marguerite Dugas April 21, 1721 in Port Royal in Acadia.
Mary married John King in 1717.
Michel was born in Port Royal around 1700, married first to Pigiguit (now Windsor) in Assumption Parish, Marie-Jeanne Hebert, born in 1704, Mother / Father Jean Hebert said Manuel and Madeleine Dugas , married second wedding to Marie Dugas, born in 1703, Mother / Father Abraham and Madeleine Landry neighboring family of Bergeron, Port Royal.
Marie-Anne Born June 24, 1706.
Anne-Marie Birth September 24, 1709.
Joseph Augustine born in 1710, Death August 31, 1765, married Marie Dugas and remarried to Marie-Rose Melancon in 1732, Father / Mother Mary and Paul Melançon Terriot.
Second generation

Michel Bergeron Marie-Jeanne Hebert first wedding
Marie Dugas second wedding.

Children: Peter
Michel was born in Ste-Anne des Pays Bas (now Fredericton) in 1740, married in 1761, Madeleine Bourg, Mother / Father François Bourg and Marie Beliveau, it died in Acadia, just before the sudden departure of Nicolet and his family to Quebec. Chief of the heroic caravan of Acadians in St.-Jean, who rallied the remnants of their families through the woods, the river Temiscouata Lake, and Lower River, to come and lead to Cacouna Kamouraska; where they took the time to falter a bit, before heading back inland, (with canoes, made in haste) or the dirt road to reach Quebec. Hence later, they had to move again, this time permanently, to Becancour, Lac St-Paul and La Rochelle, St. Gregory. They will (Michel Bergeron head) true founders. Michael was well indeed, he who felled the first tree in the territory of the former village of Godfrey, now the present village of St. Gregory. He landed between two other Acadians: Pierre Laur François Bergeron, his brother, with whom he split in equal parts, the long and narrow strip of land, which he obtained possession of Louis Des Islets, and they have assured me had the following dimensions: four miles deep, from the St. Lawrence River, to the beyond Rang St-Charles.

Third generation

Michel Bergeron Madeleine town.

Children: Mary Magdalene
Francis born 11 March 1766, St-Grégoire de Nicolet (ie the village of ..., because the parish does not begin until 1802. It was November 4, 1802, that Pierre Denaut, Bishop of Quebec, erected canonically Parish of St. Gregory the Great, commonly known today as St-Grégoire de Nicolet. The opening of parish records date from the same year). Baptized at Bécancour, Nicolet married Oct. 5, 1789, Marie-Josepte Blanchard, Father / Mother Jean Blanchard and Catherine Forest, Yamaska. Marie-Josepte Blanchard was born in 1763.
Mary Magdalene

Fourth Generation

Marie-Francois Bergeron Josepte Blanchard.

Children: Francis Ignatius
Anthony said Toiniche
Jean-Baptiste Birth 17 August 1794, married at St. Gregory April 12, 1825, Marie-Anne-des-Neiges Rheault, Father / Mother Joseph and Nathalie Cormier. (Des Neiges was the aunt of Bishop Louis Severin Rheault, vicar of Trois-Rivières).

Fifth Generation

Jean-Baptiste Bergeron Marie-Anne-des-Neiges Rheault.

Children: Calix
Clarissa Francois Gosselin
Celina Desilets Moise, first wedding
Philomena Buisson second wedding
Jimmy Marguerite Vigneau
Dina Etienne Beliveau
Alixe Olivier Beliveau
Marie Joseph Gosselin
Sara William Gosselin first wedding
Antoine Bergeron second wedding
Calix born at St. Gregory January 12, 1830, married to Arline Bush November 15, 1856. Daughter of Anthony and Amelia Blondin Bush. Arline Bush is the sister of Marie Edwidge, born September 4, 1837 in St. Gregoire de Nicolet and become known as Sister St. Joseph, initiator of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Assumption.

Sixth Generation

Calix Bergeron Arline Buisson.

Children: Joseph, born in St. Gregory October 20, 1867, Union January 12, 1886, St-Eulalie de Nicolet, Zalpha Hebert, Father / Mother Joseph Hebert and Aurée Bergeron (the branch of George Raymond to which will be discussed later) was born in St. Wenceslas Nicolet January 11, 1866. This Joseph Bergeron died at St. Gregory March 2, 1937, and Zalpha Hebert, February 27, 1953.
Demer Cordelia Lafontaine
Alfonso Ida Hebert
Anney John Desilets
Edwidge Jean Arseneault
Wilfrid Emma Lefevre
Virginia became Sister Marie-Des-Neiges Religious of the Assumption of Nicolet

Seventh Generation

Joseph Bergeron Zalpha Hebert.

Children: Philip born 1886, died in 1940
Henry born December 31, 1887, St-Grégoire de Nicolet, Union May 6, 1908, at the same place, Berthe Beliveau, born June 8, 1888. Residence St-Raphael Nicolet
Arthur Birth 2 January 1891, married to Antoinette Montplaisir St-Grégoire de Nicolet
Elisha became the Morin-Calix Brother of Christian Brothers, Province of Three Rivers
Omer married first to Albertine Bergeron, second wedding to Jeanne Borduas
Sister Helen became Helen of R.R.S.S. Montreal Grey
Antoinette became Sister Antoinette same congregation
Edwidge born 1899, died in 1922
Sister Adele Adele became the R.R.S.S. Montreal Grey
Albertine Louis Bois
Lucia was born in 1903, died in 1918
Martha became Sister Marthe R.R.S.S. Montreal Grey
Raymond Theriot Marie-Ange
Céline Jacques Duhaime
Joseph died in infancy
Emile died in infancy
Joseph (2) died in infancy
Cecilia died in infancy

Descendants of Andre Bergeron

Andre Bergeron, b. 1643 m. July 9, 1673 with Marguerite Dumay Father / Mother Joan and Jean Dumay Védie, No. 1659 Ville Marie Andre Bergeron burial February 21 1712 St Nicolas.

Children of this couple:
Andre: No January 28, 1675 Quebec, m. April 14, 1698 to Marie Guernon Pointes aux Trembles Quebec City
John: No 21 November 1676 Quebec, m. Nov. 9, 1699 to Marguerite Guernon
Peter: No April 27, 1678 Lauzon s December 18, 1701 St Nicolas
Jacques: b 1681, m Apr. 2, 1704 to Mary Louise Guernon Pointe aux Trembles Quebec City, 2nd February 6, 1720 m Madeleine Dubois
Mary Frances: No. 24 June 1682, m Oct. 5, 1700 Nicolas Grenier St Etienne, s November 30, 1758 Pointe aux Trembles, Quebec
Daisy: No. January 6, 1687, m 16 May 1707 to François Fréchet, s June 18, 1734
Marie-Anne: No to 1691, s March 26 St Nicolas
Eustace: n April 27, 1693, s 21 December 1708
Genevieve: No May 23, 1695, m April 27, 1714 Bernard St Nicolas Vaillancourt
Nicolas: b 15 April 1697, m June 11, 1725 Elizabeth Fréchet
Joseph: No June 25, 1699, b 28 June 1699 m. September 6, 1722 in St. Antoine de Tilly to Margaret Dussault
Marie-Louise: n June 30, 1701 St Nicolas

MAY 04 @ 23:39

by cohphanta

O my goodness. I'll have to print all that out...this is what I have on my geneology from Barthelemy to my grandfather:

Barthelemy m. Genevieve Serreaux
Joseph Baptist m. Marie Rose Melancon
Jean Baptist m. Catherine Caissey dit Roger (her grandfather was Irish) they were held prisoners in Halifax on their journey to Louisiana.
Jean Charles m. Victoire Marie Benoit
Pierre Paul Rosemond m. Adelaide Marie Seville
Augustin Justin m. Mary Buford ( she was English and I have her geneology as well)
Adam Alidor m. Alfreida Belanger
Willie Clay m. Corrine Valerie Lirette
Henry Antoine m. Maggie Alida Duet (her father changed the spelling from Dhuet to Duet) my grand parents

MAY 06 @ 10:56

by Kye

This seem's to be an almost complete list of your family  http://sites.rapidus.net/claberge/berc/ … eron_A.htm

Pages: 1
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