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A Public Park

MAY 03 @ 15:24

by MsPablo

This park is near my home.  It's a small, informal garden with large boxwoods, lots of spring bulbs, azaleas, various trees, lilac bushes, daylilies, wisteria and peonies.  I don't know who designed the plantings or who maintains it.  It's very natural, full of color and it has a very peaceful atmosphere.

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MAY 03 @ 15:27

by Grandmadamada

I would like to sit there on the grass reading and or writingsmile

MAY 03 @ 21:56

by @nGoose1

It has that quality about it, your right Grand-Ma.

MAY 04 @ 17:00

by minerva

Is it predominantly a spring garden blooms-wise, or are there areas where year-round planting comes into its own as the seasons move?

MAY 05 @ 16:32

by MsPablo

This garden mainly features spring blooms and that is typical of our area because summers are so hot, humid and we often have severe drought. There is a bed of day lilies that I will try to capture in photos this summer.  The entrance to this garden is graced with a huge weeping cherry tree, there is a wisteria arbor, a good display of peonies.  I will try to keep capturing them in photos, but I missed so much because we've had an unusual amount of rain, every day and gloom.

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