Jamie Oliver

Spirea Blooms

MAY 03 @ 15:25

by MsPablo

They've been beautiful this year.

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MAY 04 @ 10:02

by Kye

Thet are really lovely.big_smilewave

MAY 04 @ 16:58

by minerva

Which variety is this?
There a lot of blooms aren't there?

MAY 04 @ 18:19

by Madalina_B

They are so beautiful! smilewave

MAY 05 @ 16:39

by MsPablo

I'm sorry, I don't know the variety.  It is a detail of the large spirea in my previous blog photo.  This area was  originally built in the 1850's.  I don't know how long the park has been there.  Maybe I'll research that.  Some of the plants look as though they could be that old.

JUL 13 @ 14:42

by Grandmadamada

I had missed this  and yes it's very special, I think you would love the garden of my nonna's house with very old bushes and trees aswell as new flowers and plants my cousins living there have planted in these days, part of the house has been destined to be  B&B, everytime I think you Pablos coming to Itay I imagine you both sitting in the garden with a fiasco di vino rosso in the running water of the fountain, there are bicycles available to go around  ............. to my house, to my campo, to Aquileia old roman city, to Palmanova star walled fortress and and andwinkbig_smile

AUG 21 @ 23:37

by MsPablo

Just saw this mads!  We would be there with bells on, as they say!

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