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BBQ Competition Season Arrives

MAY 04 @ 08:58

by Toby Shea

It has been a while since my last blog / forum posts, something I intend to rectify over the next few weeks.

The BBQ competition season is fast approaching. The British BBQ Societys first competition of the year, Mayhem in May, takes place on the 28th  & 29th May in Tongham, Surrey. We are running the biggest individual competition the country has seen with 19 teams competing in www.PitMasters.co.uk  our low and slow competition circuit.

We are also running www.ReadySteadyQ.co.uk on the 28th, Ready Steady Q gives you the opportunity to pit your skills against professional and amateur cooks alike. In 2010 the British BBQ Society crowned its first Ready Steady Q champion and due to the competitions popularity we are hosting 3 competitions in 2011 running along side the British BBQ Societys PitMasters series.

With trophies and a winner takes all cash prize up for grabs it is sure to be an amazing day of culinary stress and exaltation.

Not forgetting the kids, the British BBQ Society launched Kids Q, with two age groups, 7 – 12 and 13 – 16 following the same format as Ready Steady Q, barbecue really is a family affair.

Competitors will have 1 hour to create a masterpiece from a set of mystery ingredients, plate it up and present it to the judges.

Rounds of 9 competitors will take place every 1 1/2 hours and two from each round will progress to the final.

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MAY 05 @ 09:20

by Ashen

I loved that smoker rig in the shape of a train on one of your links. thumbsup

MAY 05 @ 09:26

by Toby Shea

It blew me away when the team turned up with it, this year there will not alot of new Smokers, with several teams having imported them from the States.

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