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Patak's Lunch

MAY 06 @ 17:08

by Danny

Hi everyone,

The online team have had extra special treats lately for lunch as I have been cooking the Pataks recipes that we are featuring on the site. These include Chettinad Chicken Bites with Red Pepper Salsa, South Indian Lamb Cous Cous and Salmon Fish parcels. Ever since I saw Jamie cooking with Patak's curry pastes when we were filming Jamie's Ministry of Food I have become a bit of a fan of Patak's pastes myself. Some of my favourites include Vegetable Jalfrezi that has Patak's jalfrezi paste and Chicken Korma that has Patak's Korma Paste (both recipes from Jamie's Ministry of Food).

The three recipes that we have featured here on the site are very simple and perfect for my online staff lunches. When I was cooking the recipes I thought to myself how adaptable they were. The red pepper salsa would go perfectly with other meats such as steak and the fish parcel dressing would also work well on chicken breasts (cooked in the bag as well).

Our friends at Patak's have given me some extra jars of the paste as well and I will definitley be whipping up these recipes for the onliner's in the future. Check out all of the brilliant pics that Eric took.


Visit the Jamie Oliver Patak's page

Cheers from Danny

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MAY 08 @ 00:00

by @nGoose1

We have a curry tomorrow , erm Sunday roast was on Saturday. Photos look cool. We used a Makhani Paste from Waitro a minuet can I advertise that supermarket. It tastes nice,tomorrow should be good.
Also a cheats Kulfi just about to go in the Ice cream maker. We can get Pataks pretty easy in Bavaria, so will try some more of there pastes.

MAY 12 @ 07:28

by greenbeenfood

hi danny - i just joined up this afternoon to be a blogger on jamieolive.com...how do i add a profile pic???  thanks dayle

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