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for Sergio

MAY 06 @ 18:06

by Allora Andiamo

raw vegan white chocolate 'fudge' with goji berries & cacao nibs    mrgreen
blended goji berries give this 'fudge' it's bright orange colour .....the crunchy cacao nibs are the best bit.....mmmmm tongue

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MAY 06 @ 20:02

by sergio1972

Awww and it comes with a personalized inscriptionyikesops:big_smile Thank you so much AA.
If I ever think about moving to Germany I'll certainly be your neighbour...winkthumbsup

MAY 06 @ 22:35

by Kye

Me too and we'll get along just fine...smilebig_smilewinkwave

MAY 06 @ 23:34

by Allora Andiamo

and i would welcome you both with open arms big_smile ...BUT only if ducky brings her sons along too  whistle ...ok, just the one son, i'm not greedy lol

MAY 07 @ 20:58

by runneralps

for me nothing??????sadsadsad

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