Jamie Oliver

potato rösti.....

MAY 11 @ 21:48

by Allora Andiamo

....topped with steamed white asparagus, gravad lax, rocket salad, pea sprouts and a creme fraiche, lemon and pesto dressing (for 2 portions of sauce i blended approx. 3tbsp of creme fraiche with the juice of 1/2 a lemon and 2 tsps of basil pesto)  ...simples and yummy mrgreen

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MAY 13 @ 06:54

by Luvmegrub

I want to gobble that up right now (stamps foot and has tantrum).  I'm so hungry.  It's 4pm here and I have to wait 3.5 hours until dinner .... I've got a nice juicy apple but that isn't appealing to me very much.

Note to self:  remember not to look at AA's blog pics when starving.

I love your food AA thumbsupbig_smile

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