Jamie Oliver

Indian Summer

MAY 18 @ 12:15

by Anjali

We have been so lucky recently with the warmer weather that it’s almost impossible not to want to start eating outdoors and BBQ’ing. I am always bursting with ideas of what to cook and find this the most exciting time of year to play around with Indian spices and flavours.

There are so many wonderful subtle spices that you can add to almost anything that will liven up the flavour and transform those tired dishes into something incredibly wonderful and memorable. Marinating chicken or veg using a Patak’s paste and grilling before tossing through salad will make it all taste amazing, or roasting baby spuds with spices and mixing with yoghurt, fresh coriander and lemon for a twist on the classic potato salad (Tikka Masala Paste also works a treat if you don’t have a spice tin).

One of my favourite summer party dishes - so unbelievably simple - is a spiced dip perfect for wraps, nibbles, and pretty much anything really. Simply mix your favourite pickle or chutney (Brinjal Pickle or Lime Pickle are great) with yoghurt and throw in some fresh herbs. It’s truly delicious and always goes down a treat. You can never have enough dips! The possibilities are endless! I hope Indian Summer sticks around long enough. 

Anjali Pathak

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MAY 18 @ 22:36

by mexican nellie

smilewave Beautiful picture, beautiful colors!!!  I love your food.

MAY 28 @ 06:07

by kenneill

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AUG 12 @ 23:50

by @nGoose1

That is a fantastic picture, totally agree with nelie, vibrant colours. Mrs P your a ledgend!

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