Jamie Oliver

Update on the daddy-front

MAY 20 @ 17:04

by maddimouse

Hey lovely people!

I´ve got a day off today because I need time to prepare everything for my flight to Newcastle next week - just a short weekend, but I´m really looking forward to it!

My dad is doing fine, he had his surgery done at a clinic in Munich two days ago and he´s feeling fine, no post-operative problems. He´s got to stay there until next sunday at least and is strictly monitored because of his diabetes and high blood pressure problems.

The doctors are positive that the cancer was capsulled and hasn´t spread, and as this form of cancer is one of those which has the highest chances to get rid off forever we are even more positive that this will be the end of it!

The pancake above is filled with gouda cheese and wild garlic pesto - we had some fresh tomatoes, sprinkled with little sea salt as a side.

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MAY 20 @ 20:00

by Grandmadamada

ciao Maddy thanks for sharing your positive news, enjoy your family gathering and a big abbraccio to you all from Italywavewavebig_smile

MAY 23 @ 07:39

by Luvmegrub

Best wishes Maddi wave

MAY 30 @ 23:52

by cadlmom2011

Safe travel out to tour Maddi. wave
Great to hear your dad is doing better!


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