Jamie Oliver

An Egg !!!!!!

MAY 31 @ 16:16

by Earthmum

My First Egg big_smile laid by Mabel last week, a little small ( 40g ) but perfect, getting about one a day now.

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MAY 31 @ 21:01

by Grandmadamada

thumbsupbig_smilewavewave this means  a lotbig_smile

MAY 31 @ 22:25

by Kye

Clever Mabelbig_smile

My English friens ate their very first two eggs for breakfast the other mornong   lucky them also!!

JUN 01 @ 00:38

by JoyYamDaisy

There is nothing more perfect that the first fresh laid egg!smile

JUN 01 @ 07:54

by BritFinn

Fantastic, did everyone fight over it?

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